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How do I pasteurize camel milk?
Most people can drink raw milk safely with their own built in antibodies. Raw milk becomes a danger when not handled properly. Pasteurizing will kill bacteria and also helps make it last longer, which is great for the milk you buy in the store coming from a farm, then going to the processing company and finally shipped to a store and eventually arriving in someone's home. You can easily pasteurize your milk right on the stove.
• 1. Pour the raw milk into the stainless steel pot. If you have a double boiler, that will work even better to keep the milk from scalding. If you don't have a double boiler, you can put one stainless steel pot inside a larger pot with a few inches of water at the bottom. If you can't achieve this setup, then you'll just need to be careful to heat the milk gently.

• 2. Slowly heat the milk to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring occasionally. If you are not using a double boiler, stir frequently to avoid scalding the milk.
• 3. Hold the temperature at 145 F for exactly 30 minutes. You may need to increase and decrease the heat to keep the temperature constant.
• 4. Remove the pot of milk from the heat, place it in a sink or large bowl filled with ice water. Stir constantly until the temperature drops to 40F.
• 5. Store pasteurized milk in the refrigerator.

Is MERS in the USA?
MERS Virus Found in Camel Milk - Please note that these cases are found in the middle east and no cases are found in the USA. The camel milk here comes from local USA camels and no camels or milk are imported to our farm. Many people do boil their milk just to be safe and done properly, can kill MERS but at this time it is not here and we do not expect it to be here in the USA. Much research is being done and much is unknown on how the disease is transmitted and we are committed to keeping up on the latest findings.

How does HMM-USACamelmilk.com ship?
All orders ship FedEx or USPS 2-3 days at this time but we may opt for other sources in the best interest of our customers for both cost effective and fast delivery. We only ship to lower USA at these rates. If your order goes over our maximum payout for shipping (typically the smaller order of 6 pints), we reserve the right to ask you to pay any additional charges or cancel the order and give back a full refund. This is due to the major differences of shipping from one state to another and to more remote cities. We are testing other options using different carriers.

What to I do when I get the package?
It is important to have someone at the location for delivery so it does not go back to FedEx, or the carrier we choose, where it can thaw. We suggest you put a note on the door telling the shipping carrier you are home, to knock loudly, so they will make a better attempt when knocking. When you receive your order, if it is a little un-thawed on top and you intended to freeze it, put it in the freezer right away. We suggest you not open them until ready to use. When ready, put the amount desired in the refrigerator and let thaw overnight. •Make sure we have your phone number to contact you and we will supply this to the shipping carrier to call if they have a problem. • Your phone number will not go to anyone else for any reason other than to contact you regarding our business together. • Consider putting a note on the door telling the shipping carrier you are home if you might not hear them when they knock. • You can call the shipping carrier if you know you will not be there and schedule picking it up at their facility, depending on where you live and their closest location. • We normally ship looking at your location, how long it will take to get to you, and making sure it will not sit inside a warehouse over the weekend. For overnite delivery, there is an additional charge and may take one day to process on our end. • All of our camels are born and bred in the USA. Our milk is locally farmed and never imported outside the USA.

What can I do with the milk?
It is also important to realize, while camel milk is used for many things, we sell it for making your own soap, lotion and shampoos. Because so many are now including it as a treatment, we can make no promises or guarantees and recommend pasteurizing it. • We have many testimonies about people using camel milk for treatment but please note that FDA has not approved raw milk for human consumption. While some use it for digestion related problems, autism, and diabetes and we hope it is beneficial to everyone at this time it FDA has not approved it as treatment and we do not claim it is a medicine or cure for anything. • Please do not stop taking any of your medication prescribed by a doctor and work with your doctor so he can test and see the results and council you on your medication. • It is recommended to avoid other milk while taking this product to see the best results. • You may experience some extra bowel movements in the first few days to a week as your body cleanses itself. This usually goes away after your body gets used to the milk and depends on how much you drink. • We suggest you study the different views of drinking raw milk. Most farmers and locals to the farmers have been drinking raw milk forever and raw milk is considered best for treatment. • Your milk is frozen the same day it was milked from the camel. • Fresh milk is sent out without any freezing and done only with a quote request. We ship the unfrozen milk the day it was milked from the camel. We do recommend buying the milk frozen because it last longer through the shipping process and taste the same. • Frozen milk is best if used by six months, but some do keep it longer, stating a change only in taste. It can be stored much longer when using for products like soap, shampoo, lotions...

Ordering from HMM Camel Dairy
You must be 18 to order from us. You are receiving your camel milk directly from the farmer with no other staging or storing. Ordering from HMM Camel Dairy opts you in to participate in our sharing program. Through our sharing program, you become a member and can order any time without further obligation or additional cost.

How is my order packaged?
All orders are shipped in a styrofoam container and may have ice packs. Some thawing may occur. We suggest freezing your containers right away except what you will be drinking in the next few days. If your milk is warm and completely thawed, don't drink this milk and please contact us at info@usacamelmilk.com