About Us

Our goal is simple, make Camel milk available to the public using the internet as our main source. Our camel milk is completely raw and natural so you can depend on our milk to be completely free of chemicals. Camel Milk by USA Camel Milk makes the milk available to you from a local Indiana farmer. Nothing added, nothing taken away all natural camel milk is used for many things such as soap, lotions and some use it to feed kitten's and puppy's when the mother's milk is not available. Some use it as a medicine or for certain health conditions more commonly when there are digestive problems, diabetes, autism and other ailments. While we have had many testimonies and we believe this product can help with many conditions, there are no guarantees. If you have a testimony for us, please let us know at info@usacamelmilk.com. If you want to drink our milk, please see our FAQ page on how to pasteurize it in just a few simple steps. Please note:FDA Has not evaluated any comments we have made about Camel milk and does not approve the consumption of raw milk. If you choose to drink it, please see our FAQ page on how to pasturize the milk in just a few easy steps.

Our 100% RAW and natural camel milk is only from USA with no imported camels. It has 50% Less fat and Saturated fat than whole cow milk.